Thermomass Insulation


Since 1980, Thermomass has helped clients design and build durable, energy efficient, aesthetically versatile and environmentally responsible cast-in-place concrete sandwich walls. Comprised of rigid insulation and fiber-composite TL Series connectors, Thermomass System CIP is designed to provide the highest level of performance for sandwich walls. As part of their stringent quality control process, Thermomass systems are subject to rigorous third party evaluation. Additionally, traceable quality control processes are implemented at their facility through laser etching and product testing. Thermomass has a tested and trusted cast-in-place system to fit almost any application.


Concrete is a naturally flexible material and when cast in place with vertical forms, there is no limit to the design possibilities. Concrete will ultimately reflect the forming material’s shape and texture, and since the insulation is integral to the wall, the interior and exterior finishes can be left exposed to show off concrete’s natural beauty. At the same time, if a softer interior look is desired, it can be textured or covered to reflect a more traditional gypsum finish. As for the exterior, there is no limit to the design possibilities of a Thermomass insulated cast in place wall.


Whether the client is striving for a LEED rating, aiming for a zero energy building, looking to exceed ASHRAE 90.1 or simply trying to reduce HVAC loads; there is a Thermomass Cast-In-Place insulation system designed and tested to help our partners reach their goals. By incorporating System CIP, a concrete wall can be insulated in a single operation, maintaining over 99% of the insulation’s “purchased” R-value.